Wednesday, May 21, 2008


The family I took a 2 day vacation to Minneapolis this week courtesy of being able to fly for free. The first day was spent swimming in the hotel pool and going to play at McDonalds (the kids are easy to please).
I missed the first day because I got the joy of flying on to pick up my passport in Chicago from the Chinese consulate. I was so ecstatic to see that visa in there. It took me awhile to realize that they'd issued the stamp in my MAIDEN name. What idiot doesn't look at the application when issuing the visa?! Hopefully it won't be a problem since my passport is in my maiden name with a little amendment on the back page.
The second day of vacation was spent at the infamous Mall of America. We couldn't do the amusement park because my poor son was too short to be able to participate. We did go to the aquarium...twice.
The surprise enjoyment of the day turned out to be a trip to IKEA. If you haven't heard of this glorious company or seen their furniture, you're missing out. We walked in and the first thing we saw was a great childcare area. You drop your kids off (FREE of charge) for an hour and you can look at their cheap and comfortable products. They had a restaurant (very kid friendly) that was very cheap and had lingonberry juice. Needless to say we both fell in love.

In other news, all the flying around did bupkis for my sinusesl


Jess said...

I live right here in Minneapolis (about 15 minutes from where you were), so if you're here give me again give me a shout. You're right, IKEA is a good place to eat and shop.

Marijke said...

I am an Ikea fan and I do like their restaurant.

It's a great store for wandering, getting ideas and picking up lots of little things, even if you're not shopping for furniture.