Thursday, May 15, 2008


I know a lot of people dislike NPR because of its political leanings and some social agendas, BUT I listen to next to nothing else on a weekly basis. The reason being that I am a lover of random information. They talk about such a plethora of things that it meets that need.
I also find that they continue to talk about world affairs long after main stream news has set it aside.

I heard a piece yesterday about the search efforts after the quake in China. An NPR reporter was following this couple in their day long search for their son and parents. Even though you couldn't understand the words, the mother's emotions came through clearly as she went through anger, hope and finally despair and mourning. Throughout the story you could hear the noises as they dug through the rubble and dealt with each bit of news.

They didn't leave the noises out...that's what killed me. I can ignore large scale tragedy in the face of cold reporting, but this piece was meant to hit home...and it did.

So, as I sit here in safe old Colorado I think of the thousands of mothers and family's dealing with loss, I pray.

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