Friday, July 11, 2008


As many of you know, I'm an unusual female who passionately loves intimacy and sex. I've been this way since I married 7 seven years ago. I'm not sure I would've had the same excitement of the subject if I hadn't been a virgin, but I'm glad I do.
That excitement has caused me to do as much reading on the subject of sex (from both secular and God-centered sources). This week brought me two exceptional books, one from each category.
The secular book is called, "Bonk: The Curious Coupling of Science & Sex" by Mary Roach. She comes at the subject determined to cover all the interesting bases and get the latest data. I loved it because of it's attention to the complicated female system and all that they know so far about it. How crazy that we're in 2008 and we still do not fully understand the female body.

The Christian book is, "Naked And Not Ashamed" by Dan Scott. This book changed my week. He perfectly describes the deeply spiritual design of sex, intimacy and the marriage relationship. He shows how our culture has twisted this amazing blessing into something that the Church shies away from. This is a book that I bought and will be passing around to a lot of people.

Update on my neighbor: Thanks for praying, her and her hubby had a talk last Sunday and it was full of honesty and kindness. They don't know if they'll stay together, but it's an open and loving dialogue now.


Sarah Mae said...

Wow - you are open about sex! Thanks for the book recommendations!

Lisa Sharp said...

Thanks for the wonderful idea!!! I will for sure use that idea. :) Would you like to be the first interview??

Lomagirl said...

I've heard of the first book- thought it sounded interesting. I don't know that you are that unusual though- isn't it a myth that women don't like sex?

Gette said...

You're not alone, honey, trust me...;)