Friday, July 04, 2008

Do You Ever Get Tired of Being Robbed??

The hubby left Wednesday to meet up with his bestest buddy Maks in Kiev, Ukraine. He's really reached the end of his traveling rope for the next month and swears he doesn't want to hop on another flight for a solid month. (Whatever, he's a flying addict...I give him 2 weeks) Anyhoo, no big deal to me and the kiddos cause we're used to our nutty lives and are going to hang out with our bestest neighbor friends AND my sister tonight.

Dear hubby calls me at noon today and I was so excited to hear his voice...then he had to ruin by asking me, "Did I happen to leave the camera at our house?" Turns out the seasoned traveler had PACKED the camera in his checked bag...checked bag got "lost" and showed up in Ukraine today, without the camera. Argh! This is the man who scoffs at the idiotic travelers who pack their keys, phones or any valuable in luggage when they check in at the airport. So, I was pissed.
And yes, I'm tired of being robbed. Granted, it's been about four years since the last time, but here's a short list of everything that's been taken from us in the last 7 years.

-our Olympus camera (that's the new one)
-a video camera
-all of our clothes and our daughter's clothes
-my journal
-all the money in our bank account (this done forcibly by big burly Turks in Istanbul)
-another camera
-another camera
-CD cases on 4 seperate occasions
-about $300 over 2 years by our hotel cleaning lady
nd other assorted things that I can't remember. I don't know, maybe we were just due to be robbed.

What's been stolen from you?


Tara said...

mercy girl!

I can't think of all that has been stolen from me but in the last couple years it has been a cell phone, a camera, and a bike.

Posh Mama said...

I wonder what pics you had on those cameras too. Oh and someone took your journal now that is TOTALLY creepy. Sorry to hear about your neighbors and hopefully they can work things out before it comes to drastic measures. Please keep us posted.

Much love, xoxo-pm

Melissa Markham said...

You certainly seem to live under a dark star. I have only been robbed once. A co-worker (didn't realize it was a co-worker at the time) stole my wallet out of my purse. My hubby and I were on a limited budget and in my wallet was money that had been given to me for my birthday and we were going to use it to go out of town. I was devastated. And of course, I needed a new wallet, driver's license, dealing with the credit cards, etc.... Several years later, my wallet was discovered above a tile in the women's bathroom ceiling. It was just low...and I felt so victimized.