Thursday, July 17, 2008

Cruel Words

Talk about a bittersweet way to end the day.

We spent the waning hours until bedtime playing with friends down the street. As my six year old was saying goodbye to her friend, her friend wanted to hug her. As us moms are standing there waiting for the hug to end I hear my daughter say:

"T and O don't really like you," in a flat matter of fact tone. Her friend ran out of the room and I stood there shocked. How do you react when your child has crushed another child with her tongue?

As we walked home I firmly told my daughter that she'd crushed her friend and was extremely cruel. I also took away all TV privileges for tomorrow and told her she couldn't play with friends until she had sincerely apologized and acknowledged her friend's pain.

As I was tucking them in my daughter burst into tears and said that she was stupid. She said she felt awful for saying it and for calling me unfair. She explained to me why her friend felt bad and I explained to her why she was feeling so awful.

So, we prayed for her heart, her friend's heart and for the day tomorrow. I was glad she grasped the gravity of her actions, but it sucks that bad stuff happens.


Tara said...


my kid has done that but he has a lot more trouble grasping another person's pain than your daughter.

feefifoto said...

You did exactly the right thing by showing your daughter the direct consequences of her rudeness and requiring her to apologize. Good for you and good for her!

Melissa Markham said...

You have helped your daughter learn a valuable lesson today. Probably one she will remember the rest of her life. Good for both of you.