Monday, August 06, 2007

Barreling Along

It's been busy around here since last Thursday. A cousin who I don't know well, my sister (the eminent and glorious Aunt Bink!!!), and my sister's friend all came into town. They are staying, all three, in our very small living room and using our very small bathroom. My dear hubby has realized his luck in our only producing one girl after all the clothing and accessories that entered the house with the three females. Both children are sporting neon yellow nails on fingers and toes. My son sees the advantages of superhero looks in the yellow polish.
I got to check off another Denver attraction on Saturday...Six Flags Elitch Gardens! I am, by Grand Design, a high junky. That translates into a deep love of those few attractions that can still strike some "oh my gosh I'm going to fly off this ride and die" type reverence into my heart. I went with my sister and her friend, so I didn't have to take care of anyone. So fun to scream my head off with terror. Our lunch consisted of nachos, popcorn chicken, curly fries and smothered funnel cake! Still blows my mind that I live in a time and country where amusement parks are available to me.
Saw "The Bourne Ultimatum" with my hubby and was floored by how well done it was. Man, that director should be given a bonus for how well he pulled it off.
Kids and I are battling colds and gearing up for New Smyrna Beach, Florida on Wednesday. Jason's folks rented a condo for 4 days.
I'll catch y'all in a week!

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