Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Sendoff

My dear hubby and my sweet girl are heading off to Nicaragua tomorrow. They will be visiting our worship pastor and his family who are there encouraging the "glue boys" and families who live in the dump.
I feel at peace about them going, but this is the hardest for me that we've ever done. Every trip in the past I've been with my kids overseas or they've been stateside in the care of family. Now I'm setting her in His hands and have no ability to step in and help her along. There are big bugs, malaria and all sorts of things that could hurt my child! I think my poor husband thinks I consider him incapable. He's more than capable...this nervousness is all a part of my growth.
I'm asking y'all for prayer for them, for safety and growth in their relationship. Pray that I take this time with my son and use it to encourage him as an individual.

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Just Me said...

Be at peace Mom - the same God who will be with you here, will be there with them! I too, am leaving for the mission field for two weeks - on Monday. Taking my youngest with me to do medical clinics during the day, and evangelistic meetings in the evenings! I know that God will touch her heart - but say a prayer for me too, if you think of me! And ..I'll be lifting your loved ones in myprayers too. What an awesome God we have, that enables and provides for us to go on these trips eh?