Friday, September 08, 2006

Last Good Cry

Yesterday was cathartic (sp?)...all that we've been experiencing lately caught up with me. I scared myself...I haven't felt that full of despair since before Living Waters. It was good though, Jason encouraged me to drive away and find a shoulder to cry on. I called a woman from church who I know only slightly, but who has great compassion, great prayer and has been where we have been.
I called her and asked if I could come over and as I drove over there I kept trying to pull it together. I didn't want to walk in the door with red eyes and sniffling (stupid, since I went there to cry) so she wouldn't see how much I was hurting, but God wouldn't let me. We got to her basement and I broke down...emotionally and bodily. I cried as if my world had ended and apparently I really need to.
It's hard to cry like that as an adult. I have this internal "adult" response monitor that continually tell me to pull it together. But a good crying jag is definately okay.
Thank You for safe women who can comfort me when I need it. Thank You for a husband who understands and supports me. Thank You for emotional outlets
I'm really curious...when was your last good cry????

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