Monday, September 19, 2005

She Kicked It, I Couldn't Be Happier

My daughter R just entered preschool this fall and I'm already feeling the forshadowing of school years to come. Between my husband J playing soccer, R in school, my supposedly part-time job and all the church stuff that come with J's church position I'm about ready to burn my calendar and check into a nice, far away loony home. C'mon, I think overscheduled moms qualify as loony.

Never mind that this will continue until the very last week of October. Yikes! All that to say, J's grandma succumbed to cancer this last week and we had to fly to Nashville for the funeral. Normally this would've been reason lose my mind all over again because we have to stay with J's dad, stepwife, and two step siblings. Oddly I found the stress that normally encompasses these trips paling in comparison to my stressful schedule at home. So, for once, I'm thanking God that I had to go visit my father-in-law...will wonders never cease.


Jess said...

Hi S. I remember a few times in jr. high/high school when you let me read some of your writings. Thanks for the opportunity to let me, once again, read your thoughts. Love, J.

Sis said...

Dear sister, its weird to be able to read your private thoughts again (hee, hee remember, I use to read your "hidden" diary") Anyway, thanks for your honesty, now what are you thankful for about mom and dad? or how are things with God? or what is your favorite color? I love you.