Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Curse You Proverbs 31 Woman!!!!!!!

I have to make a movie recommendation: “I Heart Huckabees”. Talk about your surprising movie plot. I had no idea it was about the meaning of life when I turned it on…very timely for me. It always amazes me when movies can come so close to speaking truth…then turn left at the last second. I read about the lives of the actors in that movie and it amazes me that they can’t glean any truth from the characters they portray. Guess I do the same thing on a daily basis with what God puts in front of my eyes.
I also have a HUGE gripe with the diabolical and (oddly) ever popular “Proverbs 31” woman. I’m reading a book where the female author might as well be worshipping at the altar of that “woman” instead of God. It’s like friggin nails on a chalkboard…the author says, “…our wise Father calls you to be an ENTERPRISING HOMEMAKER and wife who adds TOUCHES OF BEAUTY to her home.” !!! That smacks of outward works only, as does all of the author’s points. Good money management, nice appearance, orderly housekeeping…all nice things but not the POINT of God’s plan and heart in my opinion. Here’s my real problem with the Proverbs 31 woman…she IS NOT actually a woman. If you read and study the book of Proverbs (or any book of the Bible) for any length of time you come to realize that each book has any overlying agenda and theme. In Proverbs that theme is wisdom. And how, dear students, is wisdom portrayed throughout the entire book? By a WOMAN!!!!! My sweet, well-meaning, stepford wife author of, “Beautiful In God’s Eyes,” please realize the error of your ways and stop pressuring women with this retarded notion of the perfect woman.
Can ya tell I’m a little heated about this? Any comments? Please share.


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