Thursday, July 23, 2009

It Hurtles On

In case YOU didn't's the last day of July, agh!

Yes, my mommy and college student buddies, school is about to leap upon you like moldy bread when you're craving PB & J. I for one am having a mixed bag of feelings about the whole thing. I'm excited for my kiddos to get some awesome book learnin' and to be able to interact with their school friends. I'm personally giddy to get back to cleaning houses (and the church next month) so that I can have glorious seminary lecture listening on my Ipod.

But, between me and the start of school I get to have some days to myself next week, take a 2 day family vacation to the beach and bug bomb the house.

Anyone ever bug bombed before?

Any advice?

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kasandria said...

Ughh I'm so nervous about this upcoming school year. My son will be in 3rd so he's a pro, but my daughter will be entering K! I'll have no more kiddos at home :(