Friday, July 10, 2009

Is It So Much To Ask?

I'm not obsessed with keeping my diet sugar-free because I eat fairly well and don't worry about it.
But I admit that I've tried all of the sugar substitutes...that's because of my addiction to coffee and tea. With that many cups of caffeinated heaven I know I'm consuming more sugar than I want to be in my drinks.
I'm searching for that elusive calorie-free non-sugar that tastes EXACTLY like sugar. You'd think that we'd be advanced enough to have gotten this right by now people! I know some people swear by Splenda and stevia, but both have this funkadelic aftertaste I can't escape. Aspertame is controversial and gives me a stomache ache.
So, I decided to try Truvia (which to me seems to be stevia w/ a different name. Is that true??). I was once again mightily disappointed. Oh yeah, and I'm cranky because of the drawdown in my sugar intake. Blah!

Any thoughts or suggestions? Do you think honey, brown sugar or demerrera sugar is better than the straight white goodness? Anyone else curse the bitterness of the substitutes?

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Jess said...

Just be like the Lutheran church ladies who gave me sugar free Kool-Aid at VBS. Regular Kool-Aid, no sugar added. Mmmm...