Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Ya Call THIS Glamorous?!

Occasionally one of our friends will comment on how great and fancy it must be to fly for free anytime we want. Now, I won't complain at all about flying for free, but it's anything but fancy or easy.
We have to fly standby, all the time, no matter what. That means that we only get on if there's not a seat taken, sometimes we don't know that until we're out there waiting for a flight. We usually try to find flights that have at least 8 seats not taken, just to be safe.
A case in point would be Monday. We flew from Denver to Alanta at midnight Sunday, so that we would be sure to be there for the first flight to Nashville Monday morning. The first FOUR flights to Nashville ended up full which was something we couldn't have know before we got there. That meant we spent 10 hours at the airport waiting for a flight without having much sleep. Not fun, let me tell you.
Good practice for the kids though for those overseas trips.
Interesting sidenote: Apparently when your body is severly lacking in sleep it gets really, really hungry.

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VeRonda said...

Wow! Ten hours is crazy... I couldn't imagine. Now you can survive anything.