Friday, July 28, 2006

Gas Sucks

Jason and I have two modes of transportation that most people would consider complete opposites. We have a great yellow Vespa moped that Jason uses to get to most work-related meetings. Our other car is a gas-eating Isuzu Rodeo. The Rodeo was donated for us and the moped was a replacement for our totaled LeSabre (also donate to us).

I used to lust after a Volkswagon convertible Beetle, but now I dream of a Toyota Prius. I lust after double the gas mileage. Call me dorky, I just call me a eco-conscious mom.

I'm sure not all of you are feeling the crunch of the gas as much as we are...sometimes we simply can't leave the house because we don't have enough $ to put more gas in the car. In Turkey, the public transportation is so great that I would never need a car there. I wish that could translate somehow to the American landscape.

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