Monday, July 10, 2006

Clarification is good

So, I just re-read my post, "Refreshing Homelessness", and it kind've makes me sound like a moon-eyed psycho. Let me add to that post by saying we are not without food or shelter. I think I wrote that post assuming everyone out there is inside my head. We aren't just moving forward willy-nilly, nor do I think everyone is called to become nomadic.

Christ makes it very clear in Matthew 5-7 that following Him is a lot about heart motive. It is the problem of loving material things more than people and their growth that He is trying to convey. Unfortunately it's a very hard thing for anyone to stay in a "soul" state of mind...too much do we fall back into "flesh" ways of thinking.

I think marriage is a great example of this. There are many time when I look at my spouse and want to explode for all the admiration and deep love I have for him. And yet, there are times when he will nicely ask me to make him lunch and I selfishly pull back and say, "Hell no, I'm watching SNL re-runs!" Where's the "soul" in that? Every relationship we have is an example of that on-going struggle of our pure hearts and our stingy self-love. Christ simply asks us to consider His Way of living more than our own.

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