Tuesday, February 28, 2006

God's Curveball's

I'm not going to try and guess as to how God will answer prayers anymore. He delights in surprising me. As I said in the last post about Las Vegas, I found grace in an unlikely place. Now we may have an answer to our next place of residence in the last place I ever would have guessed.
I have numerous beefs about J's college...but it's beginning to look like God may be calling us back there once again to further His plan. I struggle with this knowing that the institution has screwed us numerous times on a spiritual and financial level. And yet, isn't that usually how it happens? How else would we ever grow if we weren't faced with challenging situations.
J just got back from Russia yesterday. He met a worker there from Brazil who looks black. The Russians dislike black people for some reason and this worker has paid for it. He's had his home raided numerous times and been beaten at each visit. His sending organization brought him home for a year at one point just to keep him from dying.
Why does God use the foolish things of this world to shame the worldly wise? Why the hell not?! I want desperately to get to the point where (more often than not) I can look at God and say, "Bring it on...further in, further up!"

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