Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Hi, I'm a bloggaholic

So it's taken all of two friggin weeks for me to become completely hooked on this stinkin new fad of blogging. I had my first "real" world conversation about bloggin today. I think I've crossed some kind've invisible line which will be very hard to cross back over. How long will it be before we actually do have therapy about's day is coming.
On the positive side it's a great way for people to release pent up emotions and get in touch with their selves and other people. I loved writing in high school and I think I've just found my new outlet. Thank God for the invention of the computer!
I'd love to spew out lots of nothing for much longer, but J is wiped out from soccer practice and wants me to come to bed. Geez, men and ability to go to sleep alone! Blessings

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