Friday, August 12, 2005

Hallelujah, My Brain Lives!

Back in my pre-marriage days I was a fairly dedicated writer of music, poetry and random thoughts. I haven't had much time to do any creative/deep thinking since...oh, 4 FREAKIN YEARS AGO. I thought the brain matter that contained poetry songs had somehow died in the screaming of child birth (mine, not my kids). Imagine my surprise when I actually wrote and put music to a song chorus today. I used to get inspiration in the normal way...silence, natural beauty, teenage angst. Today I was giving my son a bath. As I sat on the floor watching him meticulously dump water from a cup to a bowl magic happened. My brain summoned up it's creativity and birthed music. Talk about a precious gift to me...I laughed at the novelty that I had not lost all awesome thought. Granted it wasn't my best work, but it definately inspired me to maybe try and pick up the ol guitar and pluck it a little. Blessings all.

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