Friday, August 01, 2014

Going To Bed, Alone

It's currently 10:45pm and on your average night I'd be hassling Jason to hurry up with his last snack so we could head to bed. But, instead, I'm reluctantly considering heading to bed because Jason's gone on a hiking trip.

I haven't had to sleep alone for 13 1/2 glorious years.

And it's hard...every time he's gone I struggle to go to bed without my living, breathing security blanket.

Sure, I slept alone for a number of years as a kid, but half of that time was spent scared of what I imagined lived under my bed (let's never speak of wolves again, okay?).  I do empathize and understand when my children are reluctant to head to their lonely beds.

I also recognize that some have spouses that bed hog or snore or cause other disruptions and may welcome an evening off. I'm not in that camp.

I will once again try the measures I always employ to try and fall asleep:

-internet nonsense

And now, since I have nothing else to distract me I will once again head to a lonely bed. Thankful that my lonely bed scenario is only temporary.

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