Sunday, January 23, 2011

Much Ado About Life As I Know It

I know, I know, I've been seriously falling down on the blogging job lately. Thank goodness you can't fire me!

Much, and not much, has happened over the last couple of months. So, here's the flyover:

-Kids in school and soccer. They have a love/hate relationship with both.

-Daughter entered early stages of adolescence...trying to ignore this because I'm sure it will go away (psh!)

-Grandparents health has been absolutely aweful, so I've been trying to help where I can.

-Slowly, much too slowly for me, getting ready to move overseas. Have spurts of trying not to think about this since I'm sure it will be so easy when it all happens.

-Studying Romans and Job with my women's groups and loving them. Just finished Deuteronomy and think it's amazing. Who knew it was such a pivotal book?!

-Took a free four day vacation to Universal Studios, Florida. My daughter won us that trip and it was everything I'd hoped for and more. Found out my daughter is a roller coaster/thrill junkie just like her mom.

-Three of the four of us got the influenza virus which laid us all out flat for Christmas Break. Also, I had the joy of my eardrum rupturing. It's still in the healing process.

That's life in a very quick flyby...I'll try and post sooner next time!

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