Monday, February 22, 2010

Winter Camping

This is me at the end of our winter camping trip thawing the corners so we could take our tent down.

The glorious warming stove that didn't work the second night due to operator error.

The cooking stove that kept us warm the second morning when above stove couldn't be turned on.

Our home sweet home for three days and two it possible to fall in love with a tent?

On the ice and loving our family time!


Terry said...

what a bunch of pioneers!!
We love what you did with the house!
mom and dad

Tarasview said...

wow! good for you guys!! My husband has never been able to convince me to go winter camping... just seems too cold to me :) I'm a wimp!

Susan said...

Enjoyed the pictures. Can't believe you actually went in the snow, but with a nice tent like that maybe I could be convinced!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog today! Good luck with the giveaway too!
These pictures look wonderful...I commend you for camping int he snow! Man, you are a trooper.
Thanks for sharing.