Sunday, January 31, 2010

When In Rome

February 6th will be our 9th anniversary. It seems when you start out that you'll never reach a number like 9, but it's truly been a blink of an eye.
I've had special cause this year to think over our last 9 years, since we've spent considerable time talking to and counseling a couple in their first year of marriage.
I look back at the first four years and marvel that God caused things to turn around. Between being pregnant twice, being seriously post-partum, Jason going to school and all the normal adjustments from self focus to focusing God's glorious design for marriage it was a little rough. Granted, we were spared so much serious heart ache that we see in those around. Regardless of the size of the martial issues, it was God causing us to dwell more fully on Him that caused us to revel in our married state.
Let me say, I've enjoyed Jason from the very first time we met at church camp. What's blossomed in me toward him has been a deep respect and trust in the way God leads us through Jason. Jason's driving passion to glorify God in all that he does has made this marriage something that seems to glorify God to those around us. Jason's constancy and commitment level to both his friends and his family is a character trait that I admire much. He's been wounded by friends and family and yet still is committed these individuals. I, by nature, am a more reticent person, so this character trait has been one that has been such an example to me.
The reason I wanted to write this today is because of how much I miss him. He left to encourage a friend in Turkey on Tuesday and was due to be home late tonight. By God's design, Jason wasn't able to be on that plane and won't be home until Monday night. Not a big deal really, but in our communication we both miss the other so much that we're aching to see the other. This aching abiding love is what I thank God for giving me in my husband. Love you honey, can't wait to see your face!

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