Monday, December 28, 2009

Wii Sore

My parents blessed us with a Wii this year for Christmas and I am so excited! The hubby and I are enjoying going 10 rounds of boxing a day with each other. I'm the kind of women who loves it when her hubby got her a PSP for Christmas 2 years ago, so this kind of behavior shouldn't surprise you.
I got Wii Fit Plus for myself purely because it looked like fun...not realizing how much work it actually would be! I've exercised every day since we've gotten it and I'm sore in muscles I didn't even know I had! The kids are even enjoying it. I'm hoping they don't get obsessed with the calorie counting side of it...I hope I don't either.
In other news, how do you encourage a fellow wife to follow the Word despite all that her culture deems right? I continue to reiterate, "He's sovereign, He put you together. It won't be easy, but marriage is for both your goods. Obey your husband as long as he lines up with Scripture." How counter-cultural I'm learning that last statement is! That's not what feminist tendencies will tell us and I hate being a product of that movement! I have to fight my learned cultural behaviors!
Just a side note:
Does anyone else realize how insulting it is to the generations of women before us AND the women in other cultures to say that feminism is the system that makes women strong and self-aware?!

Thursday, December 03, 2009

All Satisfying Joy

In the last 8 months I've thoroughly enjoyed podcasts on my Ipod. I've heard the most profound sermons by Spurgeon, Tozer, MacArthur, Washer, Piper, Luther, Chandler and Edwards.

What continues to shine through in their preaching is the all-satisfying joy they have in God. I've been in this place of marveling at His majesty for the last year and really grasping how to see that joy on a daily basis.

It's so simple...yet so contrary to what we want to do. Here it is: preach the gospel of the Glory of God to yourself on at least a daily (if not hourly) basis! Here I was trying to find that lasting joy in methods and encouraging nice words and "me" time and service acts when the whole time it was in front of me!

May you find this eternal satisfying joy in this most blessed month!

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