Thursday, December 03, 2009

All Satisfying Joy

In the last 8 months I've thoroughly enjoyed podcasts on my Ipod. I've heard the most profound sermons by Spurgeon, Tozer, MacArthur, Washer, Piper, Luther, Chandler and Edwards.

What continues to shine through in their preaching is the all-satisfying joy they have in God. I've been in this place of marveling at His majesty for the last year and really grasping how to see that joy on a daily basis.

It's so simple...yet so contrary to what we want to do. Here it is: preach the gospel of the Glory of God to yourself on at least a daily (if not hourly) basis! Here I was trying to find that lasting joy in methods and encouraging nice words and "me" time and service acts when the whole time it was in front of me!

May you find this eternal satisfying joy in this most blessed month!

This post was written for a contest on a great blog, Barking Mad . Click the link to head to her blog and enter this fabulous and encouraging contest!

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