Monday, May 11, 2009

Gone But Hopefully Not Forgotten?

Hey all,

Life keeps getting in the way of me posting. I have so much life that blogging about it would take too much time away from it right now.

-I found out my son get FREE all day kindergarten next year! He's psyched and I'm mixed since I was planning on having him home half day...but, God knew this would happen when He put Caedmon in that school, so I trust it's the right choice.
-This means I could clean more houses (again mixed feelings) and I could stop being a lazy parent and maybe start volunteering around my kid's awesome school.
-Might be going to Nicaragua next Sunday-Thursday to see our one missionary that's still down there.
-I finally got our clothesline up! (woo hoo!) But the posts aren't in solidly enough yet to hang many clothes on it. (boo!)

That's all for are you? I miss hearing from you my lurkers!

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Sally Ferguson said...

Parenting is never lazy! Pat yourself on the back for the things you do to nurture those who dwell in your home. And be blessed!