Sunday, June 18, 2006

Refreshing Homelessness

That's right...I said refreshing. Talk about an amazing experience! I understand so much better how the loss of one's supposed material "rights" can be so freeing. Rock on hippies! Since May 8th we have been taken in by the love of our church. Simultaneously our church Body is becoming closer and closer to something amazing. I've read about revival, but I've never felt the stirrings of one until this last month.
The book of Haggai was put into the hearts of those around us. J, in Thailand, and another guy just happened to read it over there and started praying over it. Our worship pastor's wife felt the need to tell our pastor about the book. A woman in Saturday night church (our sister church) stood up and prayed out of Haggai, not knowing of what had been going on Sunday morning. I have NEVER seen eight men meet together and spend 3 hours stretched out on the floor praying to God.
I'm convinced that the timing of our homelessness is divine. For some in our church we're their poster children of how to live out what He is asking us to do. To sell out to all the material shit and take on whatever God leads us to do. Scary? Hell yes? Impractical and illogical, of course. Are we full of joy and more life than I've had in the last five years. Yes, very much!
By no concidence I've read the story of Keith Green's life and Loren Cunningham's life. I identify much more with Green's story and I really want to have that kind of confidence.

I've pulled so many examples of our relationship with God from parenting and my relationship with J. The latest is a child/parent analogy:
He/God has planned out our days (much like many moms). We will be engaged in playing with one of our favorite toys and He'll give us the 5 minute warning. He tells us we need to leave on an errand with Him soon. Our child's ears hear him faintly in our fun and mumble a half-hearted, "Okay." Soon we get the 2 minute and 1 minute warnings and we ignore those as well. Suddenly (or so it seems to us), He's at our side saying, "It's time to go." We throw our toy, pout and start whining, "But I didn't get enough time to play this!" He continues to calmly tell us it's time to move on. Like all parents I think He allows us "10 more minutes" in some cases. Other times it's a flat-out NO as He carries us kicking and screaming to what He (as the parent) knows is next for us.

He continues to blow my mind with all the things in nature and living that represent His involvement with us. Matthew 5-7 continues to be the most profound bit of God I've ever read.

May you be covered in the dust of the one you follow.

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