Friday, October 14, 2005

The Cliqued Top 10

Doesn't everyone have to do the occasnional top 10 when their brains are functioning on low capacity. Ta Da! Here's mine:

10 Worst Things About Being a Mom

1. Someone vomiting and knowing you're the clean up crew.
2. Someone staining their clothes & carpet and also being the clean up crew.
3. Knowing that house cleaning only maintains a certain level of disorder (does that ever change?).
4. Cleaning up your own vomit and then proceeding to care for other people's needs instead of wallowing like the ill, weak person you are. (Are you catching a theme here?)
5. Serving everyone else their food and condiments and second drinks only to sit down and have everyone be done eating.
6. Going grocery shopping alone is the highlight of your day.
7. Preschool may be educational, but you really just want some free time that somehow still doesn't happen.

Ah crap...I could barely think of seven! The truth is at this point in my life there's not much I don't like about my life status. So, let's move on to the list that will get to 10...

10 Best Things About Being a Mom

1. Watching "Spongebob Squarepants" on a daily basis and tell yourself it's for the kids (Highly recommend it, as does J!).
2. Keeping your house stocked with kid friendly foods and knowing that you can flatly deny touching them without people being suspicious.
3. Having someone think your odd voices and funny dancing really are hilarious.
4. Your kisses can heal all bumps.
5. Even if you're pissed at your spouse you can still cuddle with someone.
6. Getting out of crappy family events pulling the "the kids can't handle it" card.
7. Coloring all the good pictures in a coloring book before your kid realizes it.
8. Duping your kids into eating vegetables (think flavored vitamins made with Spinach Extract).
9. Seeing all the sexy guys on shows like Hi-5 and Wiggles...let's not forget Boohbah!
10. Watching your kids pull the same crap that you did when you were a kid!!!!

Whew, that was more than I thought it would be...freakin top 10.


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