Thursday, July 26, 2007

The August Itch

Let me just tell you, I LOATHE August! For some reason mankind has deemed it the month where nothing happens. Events taper off and most church-related activities take a month of rest. I completely understand that church staff need at least a month to regroup for the coming year, but it makes it tough to stay focused. Can't we somehow rotate? Some Bodies take June or July off?
Which brings me to my "itch". Ever since we were married 6 years ago August is my month of discontent. I get this burning desire to run out and find a job...any job, to fill my month-sized itch! Traditionally for us (and most ministry funded people), August is a tight month...very tight. I'm sure this is a reason for the itch, but I think it's also because the Body gets lazy about its spiritual condition. They have somehow have set God aside as they make the yearly school switch. I would argue that we, as individuals in the Body, should be very diligent about our walks in August to give us the peace we need to help shuffle our kidlets back into school.
Anyone else get the "August Itch"?

Friday, July 20, 2007

All Is Right in the World

The kids made it home late Wednesday night (around midnight). I felt my daughter climb into bed and put her arms around me and in my half awake state I felt at peace, knowing I was back to mothering. It was a little disconcerting to go back to doing 3 tasks at the same time...I'm not whining since I was tired of having no demands placed on me over the last week.

I don't think I mentioned this, but God has given us a month's worth of a break from our normal strivings. Finances have actually been more than bargained for this month (no daily wondering if we can buy gas) and all four of us have been able to do infinately fun activities. I love it when He answers yes!

It seems like we, as believers, have had a history of discounting the physical body as a positive part of His plan for us. I'm currently reading "The Female Brain" by Louann Brizendine; she gives factual account of the hormonal shifts that happen in the brain throughout a woman's life. She also lists the way that the male and female brain grow differently starting at eight weeks from conception. It seems like we fight and deny those physical parts of us when we ought to strive to understand and embrace them. Take happens and I think we should try to understand the physical part of that and not chalk it all up to unexplainable things.
I'm not explaining this well, am I? Thoughts?

Monday, July 16, 2007

Bleached Bees, Salted Slugs and Copulating Frogs?

I have reached my kid-free limit!!! As of yesterday I had a major hankering to have my munchkins back! What did I do yesterday? The title says it all.

My garden has been riddled with holes and I finally flushed the 20 slugs out yesterday. Mind you, I've never actually done the salt trick before and it was interesting to watch. I piled them up and dumped it on them!! I had a small moment of regret when it looked like one of the slugs was silently screaming.

While hanging clothes on the clothesline yesterday I discovered that yellowjackets inhabit one end of it. Nasty looking SOB's!!! They looked ready to eat my face every time I walked by the I grabbed a bottle of bleach, sprayed and ran!!! I'm slowly taking them out and then I have to remove the nest.
Okay, the "Copulating Frogs." I spotted these in the Nicaraguan market last year and a girl on our team bought them for a "Worst Foreign Souvenir" competition. I have been coveting those frogs since last year. So a dear friend of mine unsuspectingly agreed to purchase them...she was very embarrassed when she realized what they were. The best part? She gave them to me at the church Tea Party. Nothing says good manners like frog statues.
What am I going to do with them??? If you're not careful I may give them to you!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Living it Up, Mother/Wife Style

Thank you to everyone who told me about their fantasy alone time...seems pretty consistent across the board. (Lots o' reading people!) And read is what I have done...normally my book count is one every two days...but I'm ripping through a book a day, just like I did in jr. high! Best book so far would hands down be "The Time Travler's Wife". I was crying so hard at midnight last night when I finished this great novel!

That leads me to the next plus of alone time. I slept in until 11:30...people I haven't done that since a Saturday sometime in high school! I don't even get to do that when I'm sick!
I've gone to a tea party for my church and shaved parts of my anatomy that haven't been shaved in many moons. I've gone to the chiropractor AND this amazing place where you can get a 35 minute heated massage for free (some of you may remember me working there). Denver is having free days at the DAM (Denver Art Museum) and the Botanical, I will be experiencing both of those for the first time. I've lived here 6 years and haven't done most of the cool things around town. The big thang is that I am going to the new "Harry Potter" movie on Sunday. Eeeee! I'm as happy as a little school girl!

Here's a link to the massage bed chain...they're free all over the country (check for Canadian locations)
And finally for your afternoon enjoyment (I know it was mine)...the best play doh and toy recreation of a mammogram ever!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

What Would You Do?

I am feeling really ADD today because I am kidless for a week!! They are in MT spending time with their grandparents. There are so many things I can think of to do that I'm feeling overwhelmed by the freedom of it all.
How do I use it well and what would YOU do with 7 days of freedom?

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Up in the Air

Not a lot of time to sit and chat lately, my parents came for a brief visit at the same time as my husband and daughter's return from Nicaragua. Much fun was had by all while my parents were here. We went to an old school amusement park and I was delighted to find that my kids are terrified by nothing!

We ate some quality Mexican food and played "Speed Scrabble". I am so glad that their visit went so well since it's been 3 years since my dad has been here for a visit!

My hubby's mom also loving paid for us to get an air conditioner. I didn't know how good the timing was until my son was burning up with fever the same night we got the A/C. He was much more comfortable dozing on the couch.

All that leads me up to today. Son still has a fever, but insists that we still head to MT tomorrow. The kids are spending their annual week with J's mom. They get to see Jack and Mae (a horse and donkey) and no measly 102 degree fever will deter my son.

Stay tuned people!